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          公司介紹Company Information

          潔源電器有限公司成立于2010年11月。公司自成立以來一直致力于設計制造優質功能性汽車及家電配件。在多年為優秀品牌大規模供貨實踐中,潔源團隊積累了產品開發,技術服務,前期質量策劃,生產過程自動化等環節的寶貴經驗。 潔源研發團隊追求新技術引進,追求技術創新,生產控制注重數據采集分析,嚴格遵守TS質量體系要求,堅持誠信負責,不斷改善和提升內外客戶的滿意度。
          Sepstar Electronic was established in November 2010.  Sepstar’s core competency is design and manufacture  functional assembly components for Automotive and Appliance industries. Sepstar team has accumulated wealthy experience on product design, technical service, APQP and production process automation through many years of supply famous brand name OEM. Our design engineering team is sensitive on integrate new technology into our product and process design. Our production control team is valued on data collection and analyses of problem solving, TS procedure  and continue improvement of  customer’s satisfaction.

          We believe our continued success is directly associated with one of our most valued assets are our employee.
          Every employee of sepstar-ETI is expected to provide customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations and continuously improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction .Sepstar associates will achieve this mission through the dedicated pursuit of excellence within our industry by maintaining an environment of efficient operation, ingenuity, resulting in continuous improvement of customer, shareholder, and internal emplyoee satisfaction.
          As the leader of this industry, Sepstar will develop and provide value-added products to our customers.

          Zhuhai Sepstar Electronic Co. ,LTD.
          Add:Suite#101, 202, Zhongdian high tech industrial park, Building #1
          7th technology road. Tangjiawan town,Xiangzhou District,Zhuhai City,China
          Tel: (86)756-3390229
          Zip Code:519085
          Wuhu Sepstar Electronic Co.,LTD.
          Add:Bowen Tech industrial Park Building#2 Dongliang Road Wuhu ETDZ Anhui China
          Tel: (86)553-5227011
          Zip Code: 241009

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